Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Got a Craving

Y'all know I'm a chip gal, right? Mmmm, I've always got a bag of kettle chips open somewhere in the house. Crunchy, salty, yum.

But a woman cannot live on chips alone. Once in a while she has to venture out into the world and sample the cuisine out there, preferably in the company of good friends and a frosty IPA.

That's how I happened to stumble upon what I think are the perfect french fries.

It's a veritable fry tower, and you can find it at Astaria restaurant in San Mateo, where I recently found myself after - what else? - a book event at M is for Mystery. (Hi, Ed!)

So it's crispy fries that have been given a little extra time in the fryer, tossed with sauteed garlic and salt. And on top of that is a mountain of super-thin onion rings - so thin that batter-frying almost carmelizes them.

I'm not sure I'd go around kissing people after polishing off this awesome dish, but in practically every other respect it's perfect.

Jace, me, and Julie at Astaria not long ago


Anonymous said...

I saw the title and immediately flashed to zombies eating people. Did you ever think your name the simplest words would be synonymous that cannibalism? lol

Vickie said...

Those look fab!!