Saturday, May 7, 2011

Come See Us at the Summer Cons!

This is an exciting summer for me. So much fun stuff going on, including appearances at several writers' conferences, where usual suspect Juliet Blackwell and I will be giving workshops, coaching aspiring authors, and giving our very first ever keynote address.

Juliet and I love nothing more than talking writing with like-minded people, as anyone who's ever had the good fortune (or in some cases misfortune) to encounter us on the road are aware. Seriously, we can not shut up on the subject, especially if there's a drink involved. That's why we're gobsmacked at the genius of one of our hostesses for installing us IN THE BAR to give a workshop.

Julie and me at some conference or other, talking about...something

Aw, just kidding. We actually think that, since we devote most of our lives to our craft, we have some wonderful things to share with our fellow wordsmiths, and we'd be honored if you attended any of these events. Complete details are available on my web site.

P.S. Juliet refused to go to Thrillerfest with me, so when I'm in New York I'm partnering up with my fabulous agent Barbara Poelle to give a workshop during Craftfest. I'm also helping out with Agentfest (geez, that's a lot of fest-ing) so I hope you'll come say hello if you're there.

June 17-19 finds us at the Crested Butte Writers Conference, where we'll be speaking on a number of craft topics including "Creating Emotional Depth" and "Where Does Your Story Start?" We're in good company with a great bunch of fellow authors, agents and editors.

A week later, June 24-26, you can catch up with us at the Poisoned Pen Conference at the The Arizona Biltmore. We *love* this hotel and the PP gang. Seriously, we can't get enough. We'll be brainstorming with aspiring authors at two "Perfect Pitch" sessions.

In July, I'll be at Thrillerfest in New York City, which I like to pretend is my home away from home. Barbara and I will be putting a fresh spin on "Creating Emotional Depth" on Wednesday at 11:00 am - it's bound to get raucous.

Barbara and me in Florida last summer

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