Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Thanks for the kind words, Booklist!!

From the May 1st issue:

With things heating up between self-styled vigilante Stella Hardesty and sexy sheriff Goat Jones, Stella finds both her relationship and her livelihood at risk by the possibility of blackmail. Priss Porter, generally disliked for turning her back on Prosper, Missouri, returns to the small town and demands Stella’s help in disposing of a body. If Stella refuses, Priss threatens to tell all how Stella’s “covert benevolent aid society” for abused women actually operates. When Priss and her brother disappear, Stella becomes a person of interest, forcing her to do her own sleuthing, all the while worrying about how her spirit-of-the-law tactics conflict with letter-of-the-law Goat. This third in this series (after A Bad Day for Pretty, 2010) is livened up with Stella’s daughter Noelle’s concerns about her sexuality, the development of Chrissy Shaw as Stella’s assistant, and plans to celebrate Easter in grand style. But it’s fiftyish Stella, healthy and toned after her recent injuries, who continues to carry the day, as always, in this sassy mix of comedy and mystery.

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