Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zom-Report and a bit of Aftertime News

Yup we had a great time at M is for Mystery last night. Staffer Charlotte surprised us by making us personalized platters of brains - awesome! Then we yammered on at length and met some of Steve's starstruck fans. We also failed to make any impression at all on a dour man who sort of glowered at us from the back row and left in a huff - i think he didn't find us charming.
the BRAAAAIIIIINS, courtesy of Charlotte

brain-tasting with steve

afterwards, the ever-popular dim bar photo with pals juliet and daisy

My two bits of good news - first, which I've been blabbing everywhere so you're probably tired of hearing it - is that AFTERTIME was awarded the March Seal of Excellence by RTBookReviews, an honor I might have to sew onto my vampire ball outfit or something.

But here's a little item that's hot off the presses: the amazing folks at Harlequin are going to make a trailer for REBIRTH, the second in the AFTERTIME series. I'm so darn pleased about that - I can't wait to see what they come up with!

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BADklv said...

I just pre-ordered Rebirth...I can't wait!