Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tour Report!

Back from a couple of weeks on the road with two of my wonderful writing friends, talking books and meeting booksellers and readers all over the south and southwest. Happy to be back - need to counteract all the fried food and bourbon i managed to put away - but thought i'd share a few highlights:

First of all, I was very blessed to travel with two of my favorite people, JT Ellison for the first week of my tour and Juliet Blackwell for the latter.
me and JT "getting ready" for an event
Juliet with fellow authors Donis Casey and Betty Webb

We visited bookshops....
me and JT at Reading Rock in Georgia

Gave workshops....a standing-room-only presentation of Finish That Book with Juliet and our friend Graham Brown

And visited with fellow authors.hanging out with Craig Johnson, Cara Black, and Josh Bazell

I made some new friends...

This gentleman traveled from North Carolina all the way to the Tucson Festival of Books, with AFTERTIME in tow!

What can I say? I do love the wild ones :)

And as in every tour, some of my most cherished moments were the completely unexpected ones:

Triage at WalMart - suffering from book tour injuries

The WORST chinese food i ever had, with Juliet in Tucson - how we laughed!

The night we got ourselves accidentally locked into a football stadium... (don't ask)

and last but not least, a wonderful thing happened when JT and I showed up at Mysteries and More in Nashville. Mary and Greg, the proprietors, said they had a little surprise for me in back. It was none other than my dad and his wife Judy, who had driven hours and hours to surprise me. I was touched and, believe it or not, almost too dumbstruck to talk books!!


Dianne Emley said...

Wonderful post and looks like a great tour! Was fun seeing you at the Tucson FOB. My friend who lives in Tucson always says they have the worst Chinese food. She comes to L.A. and S.F. for her Chinese food fix.

Jamie Freveletti said...

What a great trip! Thanks for the photos and sorry about the Chinese!

Diana Orgain said...

What a great tour - thank you for sharing the post and pics with us.

Tez Miller said...

*squee* You made lion friends! Also cool: massive group photo where everyone looked at the camera :-)

Cindy Sample said...

Looks like a fun tour although I think we need "worst food on a road trip" contest.

Love the pix.

Sisters in Crime - Iowa said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures. Looks like great fun!

Daisy said...

Worst Chinese food I ever had was in Carlsbad, New Mexico. No idea what drove that impulse, but I think it was a cousin to the one that also had me eating Mexican food in Boston. (Now I understand why all my friends who move back east want to go straight to a taqueria when they come to visit.)