Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I've been so caught up in AFTERTIME lately that I've been a little remiss in reporting in on my young adult series, and I have some news to share.

First of all, I was very pleased to find out that BANISHED has gone into a second hardcover printing!

(For those of you who are waiting for the trade paperback edition, it'll be available in mid-September - a month before the sequel, UNFORSAKEN, comes out .)

Meanwhile, I'm working on a brand new young adult project for Delacorte, with a new editor, Krista Vitola. Actually, Krista's not entirely new to me - we worked together when my wonderful BANISHED editor, Stephanie Elliott, was out on leave last year. I'm very excited to be starting a new venture with Krista! Look for our first book together to come out in 2012.


Pop Culture Nerd said...

That's fantastic news, Sophie! Congrats! So, this means you'll have 93 books out in 2012?

Janet Reid said...

Maybe I should buy another copy so I have one for each printing!

Lesli Muir Lytle said...

Big SORRY fan here.
Didn't know about the YAs.
Congratulations and Yay!

Sophie Littlefield said...

thanks you guys! :) PCN, you make me laugh.Maybe one of my book outings will take me south again. JR, I think that buying even one of my books makes you a heroine. and Lesli- so pleased you liked SORRY!