Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you, Big Guy!

It seems like a good moment to practice a little gratitude today.

Yesterday I got to see my darlings at the SFARWA meeting. I've been thinking lately that publishing is challenging enough that you shouldn't do it if it feels like work. These are my Pens pals, and not only do they make every aspect of the journey more fun, they are like a giant Band-Aid and box of tissues when I'm down.

This is a little present sent to me by a friend. I got home yesterday and there was a plain package, the kind that generally contains little electronic gizmos my son is constantly ordering off eBay. I opened it expecting to find an adapter or something and instead I got magic. Some day, I'll explain why it made me laugh *and* cry.

This is the remains of a manicure my daughter gave me a week ago. I fidget with my manicures so I've managed to peel off all but the very last bits, but maybe you can tell that each nail was like a little strawberry (the green tops were the first to go). I think she gave me the manicure because she knew that I would need to look down at my hands all week and find something delightful.

And this, finally, is the pair of shoes I bought to go touring with my pal J.T. in a couple of weeks, when we're on the road for our new books. Because an amazing pair of shoes always makes things a little better.