Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Great Reviews for AFTERTIME

Loving the response to AFTERTIME! Here's some of the latest:

"An exciting new series that takes on and surpasses all the typical themes of post-apocalyptic literature." - Reading Rock Books

"Littlefield excels at keeping the momentum going and she knows how to inject a huge beating heart into any story." - Pop Culture Nerd

"Emotional, shocking, high-stakes, zombie-filled awesomeness." - Urban Fantasy Investigations

"I’m more than pleased with the way Littlefield avoided bringing unrealistic closure to the different plot lines...she went hard all the way." - Scooper Speaks

"A little bit of The Book of Eli and a little bit of Resident Evil and it all mixed so well together...the plot was ingenious." - Novel Society

"An engrossing and gritty romp through a tainted post-apocalyptic land...I highly recommend!" Another Readers Blog and Reviews

"Aftertime alternately creeped me the hell out and broke my heart repeatedly. It’s extremely well-written." - The Discriminating Fangirl

"Beautifully written and emotionally wrenching." - My Bookish Ways

"I absolutely could not tear my eyes from the page...a physical and emotional journey that is both touching and haunting." - My Need to Read

"A gripping and emotional tale of survival...I wanted MORE!" - Rambling Reads


pattinase (abbott) said...

Can't wait to read it!!

Beth Barany said...

OMG! Congratulations for all your fantastic reviews! I look forward to reading it and shivering in the dark with delight!

Stacy (Urban Fantasy Investigations) said...

I loved reading it, Cant wait for book 2.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll be ever to look at black thread without imaginging that scene toward the end of the book. Is that a good thing or bad? My psyche will never be the same. lol That said, I'm looking forward to the next book.