Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letting Love In - Sometimes It's a Cake

You know me, right - when things get tense, or busy, or nerve-wracking, I go straight to the hermit place. I dig in and bar the door and obsess over my work and let the rest of the world (except for my kids, of course) go straight to hell.

This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Humans need each other, even us crazy introverted artistic types. I'm learning, slowly, to facilitate the process. But sometimes I need a little nudge.

Luckily I'm blessed with friends who won't let me stay buried. Lisa, for instance, is always offering me Diet Cokes (my beloved enabler!) Julie and Rachael are ready for "plot talk" (code for all sorts of unmentionables), Lynn *always* knows the right thing to say, Gigi shares her gifts selflessly (and recently played bar waitress for me on a particularly tough night), Martha is far more generous and sweet than she'd EVER want you to know, and Adrienne....well, more about her in a minute.

And that's just the Pens. I'm blessed with a circle of people that anyone would be proud to have.

So yesterday my newest book came out. AFTERTIME, I mighta mentioned it once or twice. But I've been a little caught up in a few things around here, trying to keep all the corks bobbing on the water, and maybe let it slip past.

Not so fast. First all the Pens started offering to take me book-spotting (a Pens release-day tradition, where we find the books in the wild and giggle and point at them and take their picture and then of course go drink) - and then Adrienne showed up this morning with this:

Yup. She *made* this thing, people. With the help of Li'l W, her assistant. It's cocoa-y goodness on the inside and chocolate fondant on the outside. It was delectable too (much of it has been reduced to crumbs at this point).

Adrienne says that a book launch merits a beautiful arty cake, so I've decided to believe her. Yum.

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GunDiva said...

What a beautiful cake!

You're blessed to have such wonderful friends to keep you going, and I hope you had a great time book spotting :)