Saturday, January 1, 2011

My First Foreign Edition, Ever!

Thank you, Hayakawa Books of Tokyo! A couple of days ago, a plain brown package arrived containing six of these.

There was no note, so I have no one to send a thank you note to. I do know that my translator was Shizue Saga. (I've read every bit of the book that I can actually read, which comprises exactly one paragraph, if you don't count my name and the title in fanciful font across the t-shirts - i doubt that you can make it out in the picture but it's there.

First thing I did was to send one off to my brother. (Did you know Mike speaks fluent Japanese? Well, now you do.) I'm hoping he'll read some random section of it for me. Because I think it would be really cool to know how it got translated. Which might be kind of silly, but this is a first for me, and I make it a point to celebrate *every* first.


Mike Wiecek said...

Hey, that's really fun! And how interesting to see the cover art -- how some illustrator over there interpreted the book. I guess that's Stella on the right, huh :)


GunDiva said...

Congrats on the foreign edition - that's so cool.

I, too, was going to say something about the cover art. I'm guessing it's one of your Stella books because of the sort of free-floating guns on the cover.

Maddee James said...

Sophie, all I have to say is that I am so very very proud of you and happy for you -- so much great stuff is happening!