Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Early Reviews for AFTERTIME

Early reviews for my new series with Harlequin Luna are beginning to trickle in. So far, so good! Here's a sampling of what people have to say, with links to the full reviews:

"Startling and unputdownable from beginning to end...hands down the best zombie book I've read all year."
—All Things Urban Fantasy
Read the full review here.

"Psychologically fascinating...Acts of depravity, venality, cruelty, and cowardice are balanced by shining acts of selflessness, heroism, kindness, and love, all magnified by the fact that life is being lived at the knife-edge of survival. Aftertime is a gripping read; sympathetic characters operate in a detailed, realistically shattered echo of modern society, and the emotional journey is as harrowing and absorbing as the physical one." - The Paperback Dolls
Read the full review here.

"A really good book, keeping you guessing on what will happen at the end and a lot of suspense. I look forward to reading more from this author!" - Bookerella
Read the full review here.


Mike Wiecek said...

That's great -- recognition the book fully deserves!

Susan Tunis said...

Hey Sophie,

Happy New Year!

As it happens, I started reading this book today. I started at lunch and haven't been able to set it aside. I'm a quarter of the way through. You're really a lot creepier than you seem at first glance, LOL.

I'll be sending a review to your house in a few days, and will be happy to copy you. Eventually it'll hit Amazon, my blog, etc. Thanks for another entertaining read!



Sophie Littlefield said...

Susan, thanks so much for reading the book! "Creepier than I seem at first glance" - that's going to be my new tag line :)

And Mike...thanks, you know, for everything.

A. J. Larrieu said...

I can't wait to read this one--Congratulations!