Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Featured in FIRST Magazine!

I'm so happy about this one - I've written before about my love of shelter/homemaking magazines; for many years they were weekly reads for me. To this day I pick them up frequently in the grocery store, and I find the features on family cooking and the home to be very soothing, even though - or perhaps especially because - my life currently has very little room for these pursuits.

I still remember when FIRST magazine appeared on the stands - glossy, friendly, eyecatching. This week, in a feature called "7 Paperbacks We're Reading Now," FIRST editorial assistant Cassandra Zink says "I laughed from the prologue to the final page of the book, but I also found myself holding my breath when trouble frequently rolled around. It was uplifting, being reminded how strong we women are, especially when it comes to defending those we love."

Can't ask for a better endorsement than that. Thanks, FIRST!


GunDiva said...

Sophie, that rocks!

Scott Phillips said...

As always,Soph, you kick ass....