Friday, October 1, 2010

What To Do With Six Bucks?

I have to warn you I totally ripped this post off from my friend Daisy. The way it started was, I was bored and exhausted the other night so instead of working like i was supposed to, I was tweeting stream-of-consciousness - really not what one's editors mean by "developing a social media presence." And I put it out there that I am obsessed with this product which I read about in Junior's Seventeen magazine:

and I said "there are worse ways to spend six bucks" 'cause we all know that a decent set of acrylics is gonna set you back fifty bucks. So then Daisy, who never sleeps, says she knows worse ways to spend six bucks and bam-bam-bam she tweeted three of them, all pure genius.

So without further ado, since Friday may well be your payday, here are three terrible ways to spend six bucks on your way to the check-cashing store/happy hour establishment:

OXO shrimp tool - $5.99

Marie-Antoinette-as-cat limited edition print, $6.00

Dog football uniform, $11.99

Okay that last one was nearly twice the price, but I think it should be included for sheer horribleness. I mean, look at that poor dog's expression. It just wants to crawl under the table and die of shame.


Daisy said...

But, you see, while the retail price is higher, the dog costume is also available "used & new" from six dollars. So it totally counts. Plus, how could I not include that?

(As to why I was up in the middle of the night, looking at dog costumes: I was also trying to write, and having some trouble coming up with things to have happen between squid attacks. I have a feeling this book is going to have a lot of squid attacks.)

Pamela Fryer said...

Too funny! That poor dog. He needs a thought bubble that says "help me..."