Sunday, August 8, 2010

RWA Was a Blast (No Thanks to the Mouse)

I got back from Orlando last Tuesday night, but it's taken me a while to get myself sorted out. I think it was the heat. No, the humidity. "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" - a midwesterner's most beloved commentary on summer weather, which is lost on us Californians...

Anyway, I had a great time with my SFRWA friends and also the ones I only get to see at conferences. We got in halfway through the Literacy Signing and hit the ground running and didn't stop. Because I'm now writing for three houses, I had lots of events to attend, which is both pinch-me-please wonderful and a little intimidating. Luckily I had roommates (and friends in a second room that we sort of treated like our own, wandering back and forth all hours of the day and night) to lend me jewelry and critique my makeup and take compromising photos of me (tattoo sleeve and naughty net gloves, anyone?) and bum drink tickets off.

Our hotel made me grumpy. I know it's my issue that bunking in a gated plot of land where you can't escape terrible overpriced food and weirdly-costumed "cast members" and bizarre souvenirs (a mouse-ear colander? really?) makes my skin crawl, but the refusal to vaccuum our floor or bring us towels or give us directions was just plain rude. And the front desk person who made my friend sad? I poxed her, but good.

Enough of that! One of my favorite parts is always cheering for our chapter members who are nominated for Golden Hearts and Ritas. This year Carolyn Jewel was up for two Ritas, and both Grace Chow and Elisa Beatty were up for Golden Hearts. Elisa won!

Here I am with two of my roommates, Juliet Blackwell and Lisa Hughey. We were on our way to the Awards dinner on Saturday. This is the only picture I have with any Disney scenery in the background...probably because I was usually scowling whenever I had to confront MouseWorld. "Have a magical day," indeed. Aw, heck, I'll keep my bitter core to myself...
Me and my agent, Barbara Poelle. We always have more fun together than we're supposed to. I think it's in the AAR bylaws or something.
Here I am with Tawny Weber at the PASIC party. I was a cross-eyed mess by the time I got there after a long schmoozey evening - the only networking I did was to jump in front of a nice lady at the dessert table and take the brownie she had her eye on - but Tawny's the kind of person who can make you feel calm and happy even when you thought you were down to your last nerve.

Here's Susanna Einstein with my friends Rachael Herron and Adrienne Miller. Susanna is Rachael's agent, and she's really smart - I learn stuff every time I talk to her.

Here I am at the Literacy Signing with Carrie Lofty. One fun thing I didn't realize when I did my first signing is that you get to see the same people from time to time, which lends a nice element of stability to an otherwise chaotic and slightly nerve-wracking event. Carrie's funny and smart and fun, and so is my regular Saint Martin's Press signing buddy, Sheila Roberts. (Yeah, I know that "Littlefield" and "Roberts" aren't exactly in alphabetical order...but we like it that way.)

Here's my pal Alex Sokoloff and new friend Louisa Edwards at the St. Martin's signing.

My PensFatales friends - my local gals - my dear ones - aren't they all beautiful?!

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GunDiva said...

Glad you made it through RWA fairly unscathed. You really write for three houses? How on earth do you remember if you're coming or going?