Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lovely Review from Crimespree

This one is special indeed, because the members of the Crimespree gang feel like old friends (that's Ruth and Jon Jordan in the picture)...

Sophie Littlefield
June, 2010
Minotaur Books

Stella Hardesty is back, and in a big way. Sophie Littlefield’s debut novel A BAD DAY FOR SORRY garnered much buzz and every possible award nomination. A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY FIRMLY establishes her as a new brand of writer. Stella is a new and unique female protagonist. Her small town setting and day job running a sewing store on main street may suggest cozy but her hard-boiled attitude towards any human who’d lay a hand on another makes this series one that keeps the reader turning pages.

The book starts with both a twister and a twist. Stella’s new found relationship with Sheriff “Goat” Brown is about to get even more complicated as a third individual adds even more baggage to a pair we’re already cheering on. But it’s the unearthing of a body as a result of the tornado that propels this story forward. A woman’s body has been found and the main suspect is someone Stella has dealt with in the past.

Can she prove that Neb Donovan did not commit this cold case of a murder?

It’s a joy when a new writer holds you’re attention from beginning to end. It’s a treat when she has something so new to say.

A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY; entertainment, the mystery way.

- Ruth Jordan

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