Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Contest Week Three

Week two is over and we had some incredible entries, and I'll get to our semifinalists in just a second, but first I just have to share some crazy good news: A BAD DAY FOR SORRY was nominated for an Anthony Award and a Macavity Award!

Also, my new book, A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY, was released yesterday. Happy dance!

I want to say a giant kudos to all of you who entered. We're all book people here, and we understand the joys and frustrations in getting the words polished and ready to send. There were many wonderful entries again this week.

Here are this week's semifinalists:

Gayle Feyrer, FLOATS THE DARK SHADOW (Historical Mystery)

B. Light, THE COLLECTED (YA Paranormal)

And now we're on to Week Three. If you did not final, you are welcome to enter again this week with a different manuscript. Semifinalists will be chosen next Wednesday, June 16. Submit your title, genre, and first five lines to be considered for a manuscript critique by agent Barbara Poelle. Complete rules, and other prizes, listed here.

Thank you so much for sharing your work!


Josin L. McQuein said...

Congrats on the nominations and the release, Sophie! You must be flying right about now! Keep on dancin'

Peg said...

Posting my entry for week three!

Title: Allergic to Death

“I’m not a cheater.”

“I didn’t say you were, Mrs. Nagel.”

Giovanna "Gigi" Fitzgerald sandwiched the phone between her ear and shoulder and pulled a sheet of golden brown, homemade melba toast rounds from the hot oven.

“It’s just that your diet isn’t working for me.”

Gigi glanced at the plaque over her sink—I have an Irish temper and an Italian attitude—right now she was trying to display neither.

MC Rogerson said...
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MC Rogerson said...

Title: Wrack Line
Genre: YA Paranormal

A glass crashes against a wall. The band falters and then plays on. A chill runs across my neck. I don’t like this pub. The Ship’s a run-down place at the bad end of the promenade with stained carpets and air thick with fry-ups. If mum knew I was here, she’d kill me.

JJ Cooper said...

Am I allowed to enter? :)

Great contest - good luck to all!



Yttar said...

Title: Wolf Eyes
Genre: YA paranormal romance
First Five Sentences:

Nisus Asano wasn't sure if the sudden urge to throw up was from nervousness over her first day at a new school or the taco salad she ate for lunch. Either way, she hoped the second half of the day would go as uneventful as the first. She was wrong.

A few seconds after the bell rang for sixth period, two students sauntered into the classroom. The guy walked past all the girls fawning over him.

D. said...

Thanks for a good contest, Sophie. Good luck with your writing,

D. said...

Great contest, Sophie. Good luck with your writing. Thanks,

Regan Leigh said...

Congrats on the release and this week's winners. :)

I do have a question. I posted mine a few hours before you announced this week's choices. (It was after midnight.) I wasn't sure if I would be included in this week's batch or next weeks. Would you let me know so I can play by the rules and enter two pieces. (Or re-enter the same one that my have already been judged?) Thanks! :D

B. Light said...

Congrats on the release, Sophie!

And thanks for the awesome opportunity! I'm sending my first chapter now! :-)

Patricia B said...

Title: Sometimes Average Girls Get the Guy

Genre: YA (Mystery)

First Five Sentances:

DeeDee DiStefano hates me. Which is odd, since I'm not the one who gave her such a stupid name. You'd think that if you had a name that was only appropriate for a stripper or a porn star, you'd take your wrath out on your parents, but apparently not. We've known each other since kindergarten, and while she never liked me, she waited until high school to despise me. The fact that she is “popular” and I am “not” is enough of a justification.

Ellen said...

Congrats to everyone!!

My entry for week 3:

Title: Origins
Genre: YA Sci-Fi

When the ship’s engines first began to break down, nobody noticed.

Rosen Stern lay in his bedroom with his eyescreens on, attending his History of the Origins class virtually. The thermo-regulator he’d rigged to read his body temp at fever-pitch had only reported him at 100.1 degrees, which was not high enough to get out of class altogether. Still, a kip-in day had its advantages, he reflected as he popped open a can of grape-flavored protein with his right hand. His left hand directed the view of his eyescreens around the classroom until they settled on Connie Nessing.

Cambria Dillon said...

Congrats Sophie! Awesome news and happy book bday!

Here's my entry for week three...

Title: Life After Send
Genre: Contemporary YA

Whoever said cell phones made life easier was full of BS. If it were true, then I wouldn’t have spent the past fourteen minutes sitting on my bed, half-naked, wondering why my thumb couldn’t do something as simple as press a button.

Girls did this sort of thing every day. Probably every minute at Pembroke, which meant I had just wasted fourteen—no, wait—fifteen opportunities to prove to Tommy that—damn it, Kendall. Just do it already.

Amanda P. said...

Congrats, Sophie!!

Title: Delilah Wakes
Genre: YA Contemporary


A stolen backpack isn't that big of a deal – unless it contains everything you own.

My eyes are still swollen from sleep and haven’t quite adjusted to the fluorescent lighting of the subway system, so my hands have to do the seeing. They brush along the concrete trying to feel for my bag, but I know it’s pointless. It’s gone forever.

Damn it.

Anonymous said...

The Tattoo
By Jeannine McAllister

There is a problem with things left unfinished, they haunt you.

I don’t know when life stopped being worth it. I’m a retired cop. A homicide detective to be right. On the force for thirty years. I have to admit I’m bitter after all those years of dealing with the scum of lower downtown Denver, and than being booted out for a younger model. I’m bitter, what can I say. They gave me a gold shield, what’s it worth? Maybe fifty bucks if you sold it for the gold. I lost my marriage being “dedicated to the job.” What did it give me? Where can a retired Where can a retired cop live on his retirement pension? In the lower downtown Denver area. I’m living in the same area with the scum. Here I am this decorated cop and I can’t afford to live anywhere else on my pension. Yes, I’m bitter. Why the scum I fought against for years are my neighbors or live better than I do. I’ll give you an example of how wonderful this area is.
The other day this tall, thin, Mexican man was lurking outside my dilapidated apartment building. One bedroom with a kitchenette is all I can afford on a policeman’s retirement. Even after thirty years on the force the hair on the

Anonymous said...

Screams in the Mountains
by Jeannine McAllister

He loved the screams. It excited him. The louder the better.
Her car was parked at the top parking lot to Glacier Gorge in the Rocky Mountain National Park. She was excited about actually walking on a glacier in the heat of August and couldn't wait to text a picture to her parents. She was traveling home to California for a short visit before fall classes started. She stayed at graduate school through summer trying to get some more credits done and out of the way so she could graduate a little earlier.
The path was marked 'no dogs allowed' so she left Red behind. She got Red her Golden Retriever in high school and now she was finishing her masters in geology at the Colorado School of the Mines. She wasn't worried about leaving Red in a car in August because at this altitude she had to wear a jacket. Red knew the routine and was satisfied with napping until she returned. But then she was gone more then normal, still he was content to lay on the soft bed she made for him whenever they were going home. Then something startled him. He sat up, he could hear her screams. He knew it was her, she was screaming for him. He started pacing, sticking his nose out the window, and making this screeching whining sound of frantic desperation. People walking by the car could see Red was determined, but walked away thinking he was just another visitors unhappy dog left in the car. He tried barking and barking and barking hoping someone would understand the urgency of his getting out - something was very wrong.. Red kept on until he got his head out the window, but he was stuck. He could get his head further out or back in, all he could do was whine. People started crowding around Red trying to help him and looking for his owner. They knew he desperately wanted out but as much as he tried he was on the verge of choking.

Christine said...

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Mary Kate Stewart secretly hoped that her Calculus teacher would get hit by a taco truck.

It was Monday, 1:15 p.m. when she had that thought. She knew the exact moment because that’s all she was doing – staring at the clock and wishing for the demise of Mr. Randolph Hagen. She didn’t want him to actually die, but if the accident caused the kind of amnesia where you forgot one specific thing and that thing just happened to be Friday’s Calculus test, she’d be all for supporting careless lunch truck drivers.

Something to impress the colleges with, she repeated under her breath, trying to remind herself why she had signed up for the class in the first place.

GunDiva said...

Congratulations on the nominations and the new release.

I'm a new follower and love the contests you're running. I've been having a good time reading through everyone's entries.

L. Richardson said...

Week 3 Contest Entry

Title: The Forget-Me-Not Letters
Genre: Young Adult

I stared at the clock again. 4:35 p.m.—another miserable twenty-five minutes until detention was over and I could get the hell out of here.
I wished I could skip out now—duck out to the restroom and climb to freedom through the window. I could reach the sill from the last stall on the left.

But no, today’s detention supervisor wasn’t Mr. Barnes—that old codger would have been long asleep by now—it was Mrs. Wilkes.

Candyland said...

Fantastic contest! Here's mine:)

Title: 9:59 Rewind
Genre: edgy, gritty contemporary

“Shit, I might as well be dead,” my mother cried the day I killed her. It happened in a Denny’s bathroom stall in Rocklin after she threw up her egg whites. Two pink lines suffocated the lust-provoked tryst she fell into just four weeks prior at a dingy strip joint up the road. She didn’t physically croak, but something was lost she’d never find again. At least, that's what she told me about a hundred times.

Alli said...

Congrats, Sophie. What a fabulous ride you're having! Thanks for this opportunity.

Week 3 entry

Title: Vestige
Genre: Paranormal romance

Tess Garibaldi wished she believed in miracles, because she sure as shit needed one now. With sight obscured by an indigo mist, Tess pushed further into the musty cave, fingers scraping the damp wall. Hot skewers of pain stabbed her temples, setting her nerves on edge. Ever since she’d received that damn relic from her estranged father, she’d been plagued by the hangover from hell and the worst part was she hadn’t drunk a single drop. Once again she’d been abandoned without explanation but this time Tess planned to get answers - starting with why she’d been experiencing visions of people living in another lifetime.

deltay said...

Congratulations on the release & nominations!

Title: Red Herring
Genre: YA Contemporary Mystery

The liquid is the gilded ochre of donkey piss.

Doesn’t taste much better either.

I vibrate the red plastic cup between my thumb and middle finger, watching the foul substance swirl in conflicting little waves.

Cherry bounces up and down on the bumper of her decade-old red Honda, shaking the car. She lifts her cup at me. “To the last day of freedom.”