Friday, May 21, 2010

She May Have a Gun But Stella's Still a Gal

Next week the paperback version of A BAD DAY FOR SORRY will be out, followed a couple of weeks later by the release of A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY. And to celebrate, I am having a really fun contest. (I'll post details next Wednesday.) The big prize is geared for aspiring authors and just might feature a manuscript review by a certain crazy-good agent...

but there are a couple of other prizes I threw in for fun. One's a signed copy of PRETTY. The other one is really girly. (Guys, hint - if you want to enter, I can guarantee you that a lot of ladies would love to receive this.) It's a collection of OPI nail polish in Stella's three favorite shades.

Yeah, I know Stella's not real, but she lives in my head and over the last few years I have gotten to know her pretty damn well and I can say with authority that she loves OPI. I mean, who wouldn't? It's got the weirdest/greatest shade names in the business, and it stays on better than any other brand.

(Stella's also a big fan of White Diamonds and I guess I could have offered that as a prize, but I gave a little bitty bottle of it to my first publicist and she reported that her boyfriend thought it was the Worst Smell Ever.)

Anyway, what shades does Stella love?

Well, of course her all-time favorite is "I Don't Do Dishes," a rich red.
Sometimes she wears "Charged Up Cherry," which is a hot coral pink.
And on the cover of A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY, I am pretty sure she is wearing "Yes...I Can-Can!"


Jamie Freveletti said...

Loooove that photo of Barbara.

How about my personal favorite shade--"You Don't Know Jacques."

Pamela Cayne said...

I know it must be agent love as I find that picture of her delightful! Can't wait for PRETTY--June 8th can't get here fast enough!!!