Monday, April 26, 2010

Starred Review from Publisher's Weekly

(starred) A Bad Day for Pretty Sophie Littlefield. Minotaur, $24.99 (304p) ISBN 978-0-312-55975-5

Littlefield’s rollicking second novel featuring tough-talking Stella Hardesty, who manages a sewing shop and doles out her own brand of justice to wife-beaters, delivers on the promise of her debut, A Bad Day for Sorry. When a tornado uncovers a mummified woman buried at the Prosper, Mo., fairgrounds, the police suspect Neb Donovan, whom Stella once helped kick an OxyContin addiction, and Stella reluctantly accepts Donna Donovan’s pleas to clear her husband’s name. Complicating Stella’s investigation—and her long-simmering feelings for Sheriff Goat Jones—is the arrival of Goat’s former wife, Brandy Truax, who has designs on her ex and a possible link to the murdered woman. With her plucky assistant, Chrissy Shaw, Stella must exonerate Neb while eluding the real killer. Littlefield wields humor like a whip, but never lets it dilute the whodunit. A force to be reckoned with, Stella is a welcome addition to the world of unorthodox female crime fighters. (June)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thanks Kirkus - First Review of PRETTY

So A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY, the second in the Stella Hardesty series, will be out on June 8th. I've got a whole lot of running around lined up to get it launched.

Meanwhile, the first official review just came in from Kirkus Reviews:

Littlefield, Sophie

An amateur sleuth finds a corpse almost as fascinating as the sheriff’s blue eyes.

Stella Hardesty’s after-dinner plans for Sheriff Goat Jones are cruelly interrupted by the intrusion of Brandy, the lawman’s not-quite-ex-wife, who screams that she needs protection and a little drink. Back home, Stella checks on Chrissy, her assistant at the sewing-machine repair shop of her late, unlamented husband Ollie. When the phone rings, she’s enmeshed in her unofficial and highly illegal second job: meting out justice to wife abusers. Neb Donovan, bless his gentle heart, isn’t all that bad, though Stella once had to get him off Oxycontin so that his wife Donna could live with him in peace. Now a tornado has relocated the body of a woman that had been interred under the snack shack at the demolition-derby stadium. Neb, presumably the one who’d poured the concrete over the corpse, has wound up in jail, and it’s up to Stella to prove him innocent, or not. Her task involves a lot of sighing over the sheriff’s blue eyes and neat butt and even more attention paid to his almost-ex and her current beau, the dastardly Wil [sic] Vines. All will turn out just fine in time for a rescheduled evening with old blue eyes.

If you like a little mystery with your romance, Stella (A Bad Day for Sorry, 2009) is the gal for you. Readers who prefer crime to cute may want to give her a pass.