Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LCC, TFOB, bars with sharks

I'm back from Left Coast Crime in Los Angeles and the Tucson Festival of Books and I know I need to write a long and thoughtful post about the experience but Dog threw up on the couch and the kids ate all the food while I was gone so I need to do some serious housewifery catch-up around here. So I thought I'd share the highlights, which conveniently all took place in a bar whose name I forget somewhere in downtown L.A. on Thursday night.

I was out with my pals Juliet Blackwell and Gigi Pandian and Boyd Morrison and Brett Battles and Graham Brown, plus Graham's wife Tracey who I had just met but who we instantly absorbed into the 'borg with great success. In fact it was Tracey's awesome idea to jam all of us into the photo booth at once. Tracey weighs about eleven ounces so I can see why she thought this would work, but I'm a sizeable serving of woman and it turns out it took two shifts. Also at some point Brett slipped out with this dude who I thought was hitting him up for his autograph but it turns out it was actually his editor, oops, maybe I shouldn't of elbowed him out of the way and taken his stool. Oh well, at least we stuck him with the tab.

me, Gigi and Julie

Boyd, Tracey, Gigi and Graham


Patricia Stoltey said...

That's the best convention write-up I've ever read. :)

Gary Corby said...

For a moment there I thought that was Janet in the background.

Then I remembered she'd had to cancel. Remarkable likeness though.

Pamela Cayne said...

From bars with sharks to Grimace and the Hamburglar (saw the photos from Tucson on your Facebook page)--you mystery/thriller/crime writers sure know how to party!

Laura Benedict said...

Great photos!
Isn't picking up the tab what editors were born for? Oh, and hassling the marketing dept., too. Can't forget that. xo