Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Club Sales (and some random stuff)

Hey I just found out PRETTY's sold to the book clubs. Yay! This pup's coming around the bend fast - only three months to pub date. Rumor has it the ARC's are out, so I'm sending sparkly blessings into the universe for them. Go go go, little book!

Speaking of pups, y'all are probably wondering how Dog is doing, right? After several months on the glass shard and electric component diet, she is growing up nicely. At nearly 6 months old, here's Dog in all her glory:

and if that's not enough "Awwww" for ya, here's a pic of T-wa getting fitted for a tux for Junior Prom:

1 comment:

Kieran Shea said...

I miss my Tux. *Sigh* Black tie days are ov-ah....

As for the pooch, you probably don't have any shoes left.