Monday, February 22, 2010

How'd That Reading Go, Soph?

Russell Hill reading last Thursday night in Berkeley

Oh - fine, better than fine, in fact.

First of all, Mr. Hill is every bit as smart in person as he is on the page. Also, his wife Eleanor, a high school English teacher (huzzah!!) is sharp as tacks. But what I especially loved was that he brought a taped-together series of rejections from a story written some years back. A story, mind you, that eventually saw publication and, if it is one-tenth as brilliant as LORD GOD BIRD, stunned and awed innumerable readers.

The many rejections the story received, taped and folded and rolled, evidence of the kind of stick-with-it that separates the REAL WRITERS from the little boys and girls.

Nights like this are the best part of being an author - when you can talk books with like-minded folks and learn from the writers who elevate the craft


LR said...

Wow those rejections are amazing, and so inspiring. I like the idea of taping them together. :)

Too bad rejections are all digital these days. Although I suppose one could make a nice "Wordle" out of them.

Kristin said...

Thanks for this! Great reminder to keep chugging along--as if I need one...

As a side note, I LOVE the idea of a "wordle". Awesome term LR! :)

Sophie Littlefield said...

Hey Kristin, check out

I am absolutely stealing your idea, LR - LOVE it!!!