Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Was an A+ Student, Long Ago

So I'm home sick with a wicked sinus infection - so dire that I wasn't able to fly, while my family is on the other coast visiting relatives. I can't even raid the fridge or drink all the scotch, which is what I would normally do when they're gone, cause I'm, y'know, sick and all.

Been pounding away at the ol' manuscript, but there's only so much pounding a person can do between naps, know what I'm sayin? So I thought I would do the unthinkable and...

organize my office.

That is something I've been meaning to do ever since we moved in eight months ago. It truly is the chore of last resort, when I'm too sick to do any of the things I ordinarily do to avoid it.

So I just started a few minutes ago, and already I'm stuck. The first box I pulled off the shelf has a binder containing my papers from TWENTY YEARS AGO when my husband was getting his MBA at Wharton and I was working at the computer center and taking an English class at Penn. Y'know, for kicks. (Being at Penn with no friends was kind of like being sick with a sinus infection, except that I got to run up and down the museum steps recreating the scene from Rocky.)

Anyway, I wrote an essay called "The Role of the Executioner" which lays out my very anti-capital-punishment views. Which is sorta funny since all these years later I write about vengeance and, you know, killing and all.

But here's what was written on the front of the essay by my prof, who I remember as being very hot in a sort of East-Coast-intellectual, old-guy way.

Anyway here is what he wrote (where I've used italics, please imagine vigorous double-underlining)

A superb job on every level -- with the ideas themselves in the effective prose style that so ably presents them, in the choice of example, in the use of [some word I can't read - he has elitist-professor handwriting], rehtorical quesion, breakdown, analysis techniques that buttress [buttress! He said buttress!] the argument, in the presentation of counter-argument, itself as a strong device in supporting your views, in shaping, organization, development, all of which make the narrative so expertly guided to effective conclusion."

OK, I freely admit that this whole post was just a lame little exercise to cheer myself up. Gee, I was hella smart, wasn't I?

- or do you think he was just trying to get into my pants? Cause I was so hot back then???

Okey-doke, that worked - feeling much better! :)


LR said...

I think if he used the word "buttress" then he clearly liked you! :)

Get well soon. A Hot Toddy works wonders.

Chris said...

Don't discount the scotch -- it's mighty restorative! Sorry to hear you're laid up.

Oh, and don't discount Option #3: that fancy-pants professor dude was macking on you on account of your brilliance coupled with your previously stated hotness. (Note use of "previously stated" so's I don't get slugged by my wife. I ain't so stupid, neither.)

Patricia Stoltey said...

Feel better soon, Sophie. And I
second the Hot Toddy vote.

Gary Corby said...

Oh no! First the shoulder, now the sinus.

The Prof was right. You have a superb buttress.

Josie Brown said...

ROFLMAO! You only WISH your prof looked like Indie Jones/Harrison Ford in his old school hotness!!!...Well, we can all dream can't we?