Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Story at Beat To A Pulp

I have a new story online at Beat To A Pulp, the excellent 'zine edited by David Cranmer.

The story is called "Mortification" - read it here.

"Mortification" is one of a couple of short stories featuring characters from an as-yet-unpublished novel I wrote a few years ago. The novel is titled HOLD FAST TO THIS and features a Pakistani-American detective working in an affluent California suburb not unlike where I live. I'm fond of the cast of characters in the book - Joe Bashir and his family and girlfriend and colleagues in the police department. It's a little difficult to jam even a subset of that cast into a short story, and to be honest, I'm not sure I pulled it off in this one.

I'm hoping to see the other story up eventually somewhere. That one features Joe's colleague Bertrice in the protagonist role.

Maybe someday the novel - envisioned to be the start of the series - will have a shot at publication. For now, this is like a visit with a group of friends who I haven't seen in a while.


Paul D. Brazill said...

A cracking story it is too.

Chris said...

Actually, I thought you pulled it off incredibly well. I should've guessed this had its origins in a book -- there was so much detail, so many characters. For me it worked because each of them contributed a piece to the puzzle of this troubled girl. I really, really dug this one.

David Cranmer said...

Damn fine story. Thank you.

Pamela said...

You rock :) I love the new piccy! Very sexy hair.

Gary Corby said...

It's good! A lot of characters coming and going but the pace holds it together. Loved the ending.

Cheryl said...

Joe's a great character. I'm glad to hear there's a whole book about him out there somewhere.