Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Family Brilliance

Time for bragging on my precious niece and nephew again! This time, they've written poems for a family member who is having a birthday.

First up is the six-year old. You may remember him from the whole preschool teacher fracas, when he wrote - very sensibly, I thought - of deadly trees, and his parents were called in for a "little talk." Once again i am thrilled with his natural sense of the macabre:

Pirates the evil Monsters
The doom of death
Oh those evil creatures
Would you like to be a pirate too?

His sister recently turned 10 and is exploring rhyme. Love that she notes that the birthday girl does not resemble a possum. That's a very nice compliment, I'd say.

I'm glad you're turning 43
'Cause now you'll be a better auntie

I'm still sad you live far, far away
But I'm glad when we come we stay for more than a day

In February I'll come for a week
I'm glad you're not a monster EEEEK!

I'm glad you're cool
and not a fool

I'm glad you rock
and don't give shocks

I'm glad you're sharing
and also caring

I'm glad you're awesome
and don't look like a possum

And once again ....

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