Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bouchercon Report!

I'm still so tired I don't remember my name, but I'm back from Bouchercon with a wrecked voice, a stack of business cards and strange scrawls on cocktail napkins, and even more determination and enthusiasm than when I left.

God, I love being a writer! And the people are a big part of that. No finer folks, is all I'm saying.

Some of my favorite people managed to escape being snapped by me (not too tough to do, since all I had was an iPhone with no flash...and usually a drink in my hand). My roommate Gigi gave me some of her shots to use (just assume that all the good ones are hers).

First things first - these are my wonderful roommates, Juliet Blackwell and Gigi Pandian (and me on the right)

This is my Barbara-and-Irene posse - we're all repped by the same agency. Jamie Freveletti, Graham Brown, me, and Boyd Morrison You wouldn't believe how much fun we have together - eerie!

Here's a few of my pals' cover flats and bookmarks, out to lunch together

Here's me and Julie with my fellow Saint Martin's Minotaur authors, Brad Parks and Tracy Kiely. We're, like, family by now.

Tracy is adorable and funny all the time. Don't know how she does that.

That's my friends Hank Phillipi Ryan and Steve Hockensmith at "continuous conversation." The freaky thing about that was they were on this platform a few feet off the ground, and their chairs were thiiiiiis close to falling off. Couldn't concentrate at all worrying about it, so I don't know what they said!

Now here's something I hadn't seen before...a long line *of people I didn't know* at my signing table! Thrill of thrills!!!!

Now here's where things began to fall apart fast...

this is in the bar, when I was trying to steal thriller author Brett Battle's Barry award, which he had just won. I managed to wrest it away and paraded it around the bar for a while.

Brett tried to escape with our friend Cornelia Read by sneaking off to the spinning lounge on top of the hotel, but I found them. (Cornelia's drinking absinthe with milk. Seriously.)

Then they ran away to a nice local bar (with deer heads) to try to elude me but they didn't run far enough! Along the way they picked up blogger extraordinaire Jen Forbus.
Together we tried to deface some bar property, but that didn't work out very well.

Okay, that kind of gives you an idea of how it all went. Eventually a very nice person took me for a bracing walk and bought me a milkshake, and  then Julie and I went shopping and found some lovely, tasteful things to wear to RT in the spring (chortle) and crawled onto the jetway and collapsed.


Chris said...

Jealous jealous. One of these days I'll make it to a con. Instead, I just sat at home and tried to make sense out of Twitter. Turns out, it resists sense-making.

Looks like you had a blast, though -- and that line at your signing table is mondo-deserved. SORRY kicks ass, and you can bet I'll be lining up for the next one...

Brad Parks said...

Sophie --

Mom says now that you're home you have to clean your half of the room. And don't even THINK about going over to my side.

Brother Brad

Cornelia Read said...

That was SO FUN!! Especially the spinning bar, and truth-or-dare with Julie. I miss you desperately already, sweetness..