Friday, September 11, 2009

People Who Want To Do Everything All At Once

Yesterday I had lunch with a new friend, Elyse. We had such a good time. (I should mention that Elyse liked my book, so that of course made me a fan of her immediately.)

This morning I got an email yesterday from my dear friend C. C is one of those people who have more creativity in a single hair on their head than most people will experience in an entire lifetime. C can't do anything - grow a plant, hang a curtain, paint a wall - without turning it into a sensory/artistic experience.

But C is trying to finish a book and she was looking, not to mince words, for someone to give her a kick in the ass. (Something I am always happy to provide as my friends will tell you.)

Here's my thought on that. Both Elyse and C are people whose interests radiate out in dozens of directions. For Elyse it's books and movies and TV and...well, it's not for nothing that they call her the Pop Culture Nerd. For C...well, C is the classic Shiny Object Syndrome person - if it sparkles, glitters, has a texture or pretty color, C has to make something out of it.

I have no doubt at all that these two have books waiting to burst forth from them. It's just that there is so very much else they want to do as well, and the world is just going to have to wait a little longer to see what they are cooking up. And meanwhile, we get to enjoy their glorious excess.

Elyse likes books as much as I do...


Elyse said...

Dearest Sophie,

I'm speechless at what you wrote about me. Tongue's not only tied but rolled up in a useless lump. Your own fabulousness is so bright, I got a glowy tan from sitting in your presence.

Thank you deeply for thinking I might have stories interesting enough for a book. If/when I get around to writing it, may I please retain your ass-kicking services? I'll pay more if you wear your extra-hard, steel-toed boots.

I had so much fun at lunch. That pic of us molesting the books cracks me up. Making mischief in the library made me feel like we were members of the Breakfast Club! (I'm Ally Sheedy and you're Molly Ringwald.) Here's to lots more detention together.

Shell Sherree said...

Elyse is a bright and talented ray of sunshine, Sophie, {and I can relate to your dear friend C}, and I agree ~ there are books in them thar fields. As Elyse has given you full permission to kick her ass {and it seems a fine skill you have there}, I hope you will when she's ready to take the plunge. Great photos, by the way! :)