Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Road Trip Part 2b

OK enough of that soft-hearted yammering from yesterday - here's the real road trip report.  We went down to LA for a few days and hit up a variety of bookstores and libraries, met all kinds of people who love books, and used up every last bit of our energy...

(as usual, I apologize for Blogger picture failures. There were lots more pix, but Blogger, for reasons known only to its cruel mind, refused to accept them.)

Margaret Grace, travel partner and road girl extraordinaire, has kind of a Dean thing

Juliet Blackwell and Ann Parker were my other two intrepid companions

I was thrilled that Aldo Calcagno came to see us at Mysteries to Die For in Thousand Oaks. Aldo published my first crime story on his site DarkestBeforeTheDawn.

Me, Juliet, Margaret and Ann at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego

Me and Bobby McCue at Los Angeles' Mystery Bookstore

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