Monday, August 17, 2009

Interview at Pulp Pusher

Read an interview with me here , at Pulp Pusher .

I do love this interview, partly because the two guys behind it - interviewer/author Kieran Shea and Pulp Pusher editor Tony Black  - are friends of mine. (Monster talented friends, in fact. They're both going to be around for a long time so y'all might as well get used to them!)

Thanks guys - I owe you a round!

PS sorry for the picture weirdness. Blogger-In-Draft, which I thought was heaven-sent, is actually demonic and won't let me size or move the shots like I want to.  That's Tony up there and Kieran at right.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Nicely done, Sophie. And Kieran, too.

I'm particularly fond of your comment about taking rejection as a personal affront, and your dispelling the myth that deathless prose should flow easily. I'm pretty sure everything I've accomplished so far that's worth a damn was a direct result of a misstep or rejection, followed by, "Oh yeah? How 'bout THIS?"