Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cuisine Update

We're heading into late summer, so lots of folks are harvesting their zucchini and home-grown tomatoes and herbs and what not and making all kinds of macrobiotic gazpacho and such shit, but here at the Littlefield house we're a little too preoccupied for much more than zippy trips to the strip mall joints.
We did manage two food adventures this week, however.  First, one of my offspring managed to create an octuple-stuffed Oreo. This is delicate work, as anyone who's attempted to remove the chocolate wafer from a conjoined cookie can tell you. Then she fed it to the other one, who will basically eat anything these days.
Then, on the annual trip to the boardwalk, we tried something that had never even occurred to me. I saw a pair of zestfully-partying type gals of a certain age (looked like they'd been up for fifty hours and enjoyed every one of them immoderately) just enjoying the heck out of this....thing, so I had to ask them what it was.  Promptly ordered our own and shared.
Fried. Cheez. On. A. Stick.
This ain't no dainty mozzarella slice, friends. It's a quarter pound of Velveeta (actually what I think it is, is government cheese that "fell" off a truck somewhere) dipped in cornmeal batter (what they use for the corn dogs) and then lovingly sent for a bubbling-oil bath until it's all melty and such.
We were both disgusted and thrilled. It was gone in moments. Two of us have metabolisms that can support such a fall from grace. The other two are already regretful.

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Chris said...

Sweetheart, if a massive hunk of battered, deep fried cheese is wrong, then I don't want to be right.