Monday, June 29, 2009

Review from Deadly Pleasures...

Deadly Pleasuress magazine has this to say:

Stella Hardesty may best be described as a pistol, or pistol packin' mama. Her day job is owner of a sewing shop in Missouri. This country gal has another job, working as what may best be described as a behavioral modification consultant. Stella was a battered wife, who finally snapped. Luckily when she was brought to trial for the murder of her husband, she had many friends and neighbors come to court on her behalf. She was acquitted, and then began helping other women in her former situation.

Using methods that would likely get her some jail time, she is able to convince most men that it is in their best interests to leave the woman they've been abusing alone. Usually it just takes one session, but occasionally there is a recidivist.

Chrissy Shaw's no good husband Roy Dean is caught manhandling a woman at a local racetrack. Stella has another little talk with him, and though she's not convinced he really got the message, she's got to give him time to think things over. Sadly, Chrissy comes by and announces Roy Dean has disappeared, which is no great loss. However, he took Chrissy's adorable son, Tucker. Roy Dean isn't Tucker's dad, and doesn't give a fig about him, so Chrissy fears for her son.

Stella noses around, and finds there are some evil people in their community. Some are homegrown, and some are mobsters from the big city. Stella has her hands full, and risks her life to help Chrissy. Chrissy steps up and helps Stella in a big way. They find Tucker, and suffer major injuries in his recovery.

This was a very inspiring novel. Stella and Chrissy show what they are made of, and prove that a woman is nothing to be taken for granted. Resourceful and brave, you can almost imagine these women as pioneers, fighting off attackers, and doing what has to be done.

I'm anxiously waiting the sequel.


Chris said...

Okay, now you're just showing off.


Eric said...

I, too, am anxiously awaiting the sequel. You do seem to be, deservedly, chalking up the good reviews.

Shark said...

What a coincidence. I am anxiously awaiting book 3. ahem.