Monday, June 15, 2009

PW Review....and BEARS

Just received a nice review from Publishers Weekly:

A Bad Day for Sorry Sophie Littlefield. Minotaur, $24.95 (288p) ISBN 978-0-312-55920-5
Littlefield's amusing, sassy debut introduces Stella Hardesty, a widow and survivor of domestic violence, who owns a sewing shop in a sleepy Missouri town. On the side, Stella solves problems and metes out justice on behalf of battered women, like Chrissy Shaw, whose abusive bully of an ex-husband, Roy Dean Shaw, Stella keeps tabs on. After Roy Dean absconds with Chrissy's baby, Stella learns he's involved with local mobsters in a stolen auto parts ring. Chrissy sheds her victimhood to team up with Stella and do battle. After girding up their weaponry, the unlikely crime-fighting duo trick their way into the home of Roy Dean's mob boss, who they suspect has Chrissy's son. Stella discovers that no amount of preparation and righteous anger can prevail over pure evil, at least not without loads of trouble. Spunky, unapologetically middle-aged and a tad cantankerous, Stella barges bravely and often unwisely into danger. (Aug.)

I'm on my annual family trip to Yosemite National Park. This morning the rest of the family got up at 5am to hike Half Dome, an adventure that didn't tempt me as much as sleeping in (it's 19 miles round trip - half straight up and half straight down - I mean it's unbelievably beautiful and all but for heaven's sakes...).

And I probably would have enjoyed a nice long nap except that a little while after the family set out in the early-morning dark, a bear wandered into my cabin. A huge old giant black bear....luckily he evidently didn't find me very appealing because he turned around after a few moments and lumbered back out.

So, friends, I narrowly avoided being a bear snack :)


Chris said...

Hell yeah -- great review! (Also, that whole not-getting-eaten-by-a-bear thing is pretty great, too.)


The bear was no dummy. He doesn't want to go to jail for killing a soon-to-be bestselling author!

Lisa said...

Congratulations on both of your reviews!

Mags said...

If a bear ever wandered into my cabin, my urbanite-ass would beat my they-left-long-ago family to the top of Half Dome.

And I am not so much a hiker.

The review? Um, you didn't beat your they-left-long-ago family to the top of Half Dome when that bear wandered in, so clearly you know your bad assed babes. And according to PW, you write them very well, too.

So there.