Monday, June 1, 2009


Did I mention I am part of a new group blog? The best part is that all of these women are my friends, and they've made the process more fun than it ought to be.

Yesterday we had a work day here. The energy was great. We made pots and pots of coffee. People brought exquisite pastries from the city, organic cherries...

Adrienne brought cheetos. Man, I love you, Adrienne.

<-- me and Adrienne

Rachael and Julie actually finished books while they were here. There's some powerful juju there...probably better than drinking the blood of a bear or something, being around those two when they typed THE END.

I finally got moving again on the abandoned book. (Three words...marxist male prostitutes.)

Anyway, if you want to see what my tribe looks like:





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Martha Flynn said...

dude you and adrienne look like you could be related!