Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Booklist Review

From the Booklist Folks:

Stella Hardesty’s sideline business—delivering justice to men who abuse women—has earned her a reputation far beyond her home in rural Prosper, Missouri. By day she’s the sole operator of Hardesty Sewing Machine Sales & Repair, started with her wife-beater husband, Ollie, before he died (after his head connected with the wrench in Stella’s hand.) When Roy Dean Shaw gets a very pointed warning from handgun-toting Stella to stay away from Chrissy, the wife he beats, Stella’s job seems to be done—until someone takes off with Chrissy’s 18-month-old son. Stella’s concern for the missing child is great enough to involve Sheriff Goat Jones in the case but not before launching her own clandestine and well-armed search, along with a newly fierce Chrissy. Ass-whuppin’ 50-year-old Stella is nothing if not inventive, from using high-quality sexual restraints on abusers to going toe to toe with some very bad Mafia types; she’s ably backed up by Goat, a divorcee who sends Stella sexual vibes and winks at her vigilantism. Littlefield puts a new spin on middle-age sleuths in this rollicking, rip-roaring debut.


Chris said...

Rollicking, rip-roaring debut? Awesome. Much Littlefield love out in the world. You should be psyched!

Barbara said...

I think you should have "rollicking" tattooed on one shoulder and "rip-roaring" on the other.

That's one rip-roaring review!

Sophie Littlefield said...

Oh, shoot - wish i would have thought of that before I had "Johnny Walker" tattooed on the left and a picture of a pop tart on the right!!!!

Mark Coggins said...

You have to watch out for these 50-year-old, middle-age types, for sure!


P.S. What flavor pop tart?

Anonymous said...
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