Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hold the Presses - Please

In a cheery little piece titled "The American Press on Suicide Watch," Frank Rich writes in today's NYT that:

Newspaper circulations and revenues are in free fall. Legendary brands from The Los Angeles Times to The Philadelphia Inquirer are teetering...Other papers have died...You know it's bad when the Senate is moved, as it was las week, to weigh in with hearings on "The Future of Journalism..."

Now hang on one blessed minute, guys. I seem to be bursting (optimism mine; perhaps the more realistic word is clambering or even heaving) onto the publishing scene at this strange nether time when everything is in flux - and a rather moribund flux at that.

Listen, could y'all please just keep your shit together long enough to publish a review of one of my books? Don't particularly care if it's this coming one; I'm okay if you want to wait until the next or the one after that - I just want to be able to tell my grandkids that I was once reviewed in a medium that was printed on paper...

...just sayin'.

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Mags said...

Yeah. What you said!