Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey, I Got a Question Here

What I'm wondering is, do you suppose that sitting around here and wishing my book will write itself will get the job done? Maybe if I whine a little more about how hard it is to get back into the thing after that long hiatus - think that might help? Or how about if I just talk about craft a whole lot with some friends. Especially if I use a lot of convincing jargon. That might do the trick, right?

No ma'am.

No sir.

It's ass in chair time again and no two ways about it.

(Would somebody PLEEEEEASE remind me not to turn my back on a work-in-progress again - and I don't care how dire the circumstances - there is just no excuse in the world for leaving the little sucker in a corner to atrophy and wilt.)


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

It's AIC time here, too, but I promise to get in touch with you later today about that phone call we'd been anticipating.

Chris said...

Yep. As you well know, I had four weeks of AIC woes, wondering just where the hell my talent went, and why the new book hated me. It got better.

So ass in chair. Fingers on keyboard. Let those characters do what they're gonna, and eventually they'll find their way.

It's funny what you said about talking with other writers. I think the reason I steer clear of crit groups (aside of the fact that I'm a lousy critical reader for others) is that I'm worried it'll scratch the writer itch without actually being writing. We writers do like to set traps for ourselves, now don't we?

Sophie Littlefield said...

Writers creating their own obstacles? Really?

Now if every writer would get out of their own way, the floodgates would fly open and we'd be drowned in words.

C, I am so glad you got your magic back. I like especially the notion that eventually the characters find their way. That is true. And "eventually" is just made up of a lot of little moments of sitting there...the inescapable truth.