Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feeeeed Meeee

I wonder what the offspring of other species do when their mamas take up a new career midlife and lose interest in feeding them.

In the new place, we have this giant pantry. We just threw everything in there - haven't had time to organize it. My friend who was helping promised to come back and alphabetize the spices - but I haven't seen her around here in a while.

Anyway, the people who live here, myself included, have developed a new habit. Whenever hunger strikes, we go and open the door to the pantry and stare inside.

Just stare.

It's not like anything new has ever sprouted or self-generated since the last mournful visit, but we all just keep trying. That darn irrepressible survival instinct, I guess. Maybe I could eat a few spoonfuls of Bisquick, the thought bubbles above the kids' heads seem to say...sometimes they shake a few crumbs out of the potato chip lock'n'lock or consider a can of Ro-Tel diced tomatoes or vegetable broth before discarding the whole enterprise in defeat.

A fun alternative is to browse the garage fridge. There's a carton of half-and-half from before the move in there - I'm thinking before long it'll be firm enough that we'll be able to saute it or make a sandwich out of it or something.


Mags said...

You haven't lived 'til you've enjoyed a Twinkie-Rice-a-Roni-maple-syrup surprise!

Just grab. Three things. Shove into ziplock and shake, then bake. For however long your show is on.

Just make sure you understand each and every detail of whatever pre-nup you may or may not have inadvertantly signed at some point. Jeff's always trying to claim some sort of spousal miscarriage, but I'm pretty sure the law is on my side. It's what I tell him, anyway.

Crystal Kauffman said...

They fledge the nest, that's what they do :)

Ah, to have a pantry again. Try moving to a house that doesn't have one after having a fantastic one (with revolving spindles and rotating shelves-god it was beautiful) Currently the food that was in my pantry before is now piled on the aluminum rack shelving that used to serve my office. It's quite fashionable in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...