Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bliss with a door

We moved. That sucked. But get this: I now have my own office.

I could just cry with happiness. It's as messy as I want it to be, and I can close the door, or leave it open and call out forlornly to family members during self-imposed imprisonments, siren-like, to try to get them to visit me (but, being good Writer's Loved Ones, they steadfastly ignore me).

I can leave mushy stuff and nasty stuff lying around everywhere, and not have to answer to anyone for my tastes.

I can listen to any darn music I want, too - LOUD, the way I like it.


as tidy as it will ever be, if i can help it

gah, I could weep....


Eric said...

YAY! Congratulations.

Mags said...

Oooh, just think of all those book boxes as house warming gifts! Presents are awesome.

I'm so envious. I don't have an office. I can't even get the cat to shove over on the couch.

Chris said...

Nice! Our office is open to the rest of the house, so the mess is kept at bay, but still, so very nice to have.