Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Authorial Identity - Revealed!

Last night my husband and I went over to the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Phoenix, AZ. We're in town visiting relatives, and a stop at the Poisoned Pen would have been on our agenda no matter what, but it took on special significance this time since I'll be doing an event there with my book tour partners Ann Parker and Juliet Blackwell this August.

Ace Atkins was speaking and signing, and Poisoned Pen owner Barbara Peters kindly introduced me as well in her opening remarks. I was thrilled, needless to say...especially so when Barbara described me as "Daniel Woodrell in drag."

I can die happy now. :)

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Martha Flynn said...

We've got this timing thing all wrong, Soph. I'm going to Phoenix this UPCOMING weekend. Jeez!