Sunday, March 1, 2009


We have a tradition in my RWA chapter where we write down our goals at the January meeting, seal them, then review them a year later to see how we did. This year, the goals got misplaced for a while, but they finally turned up. I was pretty curious to see what I wrote, since in January of 2008 I had no agent, no sales, not even a published short story in the last several years.

First I saw that I had sealed the envelope with a big red lipstick kiss. Huh. Kind of unlike me. Then I saw I had written "2008! Yeah baby!" on the front. Also unlike me, but it reminded me that I started last year with a lot of determination.

Here were my goals:

Functional Web Site (check and doublecheck - thanks Maddee!!!!)
Volunteer presence in RWA (oops, accidentally got elected to the board - check)
25 short stories (not quite: but I wrote over twelve)
Finish Stella book, one additional book (check - I wrote two more books)
Speaking/presentations (yikes, but check - despite tons of fears, dragged my butt in front of an audience a few times, though I did cheat and make T. and J. and L. present with me)

To re-cap, 2008 was an awesome year. 2009 has begun with a dizzying pile of challenges, but I'm determined to remember to practice a little gratitude even in the face of all these obstacles. As my son and I reminded each other the other day, Littlefields do NOT let fear slow them down, Littlefields are NOT quitters, and Littlefields NEVER give up.

My goal in 09? To write with this much commitment, determination, and passion every damn day:

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