Sunday, January 4, 2009

Writers' Tools: Duotrope's Digest

Gah - how to keep track of all those markets????

In the new year I plan to share some of the tools that help me keep the words flowing.

For short story writers, there is no better tracking and research tool than Duotrope's Digest.

This free site allows you to search a database of 2,300 print and electronic magazines, journals and publishers. It reports on 15 different genres, provides links to submission requirements, and diligently tracks and reports details of pay, response times, acceptance rates, and submission themes.

You can create a customized submissions tracker with the details of all your past and current submissions, the markets you prefer, and more.

As a subscriber, you can receive a weekly newsletter reporting new markets, changes in status for existing markets, and upcoming themed anthologies.

There is one catch.

Yes, this site is free, as I mentioned. However, duotrope does rely on donations to keep it going. That it is a labor of love is clear from the meticulous updating and fact-checking and the ongoing efforts to improve the site.

I have this thing about paying one's freight lately. I think it comes from the looming threat of piracy electronic prose. How can I expect people to pay for my work, if they can easily get it for free, unless I set an example by practicing fair trade?

I get far more value out of duotrope than the small annual donation I make. If I become a bazillionaire author, I vow to send bigger contributions, but for now I am cheered to note that the duotrope folks say if everyone gave a tiny amount - a mere few bucks - they'd be more than adequately financed.

I'll shut up now and just pass along their year-end report:

The number of subscribers nearly doubled in 2008 (a 98% increase).

The number of responses reported increased by 49%.

We added just under 700 new market listings and made thousands of updates to existing listings.

11.3% of our subscribers and registered users sent in donations, with an average of $17.69. We humbly thank each of you!

The staff at Duotrope's Digest wishes everyone a year of remarkable writing with plenty of acceptance letters!


deschmidt said...

Oh, Sophie! I came across your blog today, and as a result, your website, too. So many congratulations on your upcoming release(s)! I'm absolutely thrilled!

I'm not surprised, though, as your stories always made me laugh and your beautiful prose always moved me. It was only a matter of time before someone recognized your talent, passion and voice.

Please know that I'll be the first one at Amazon's site, ordering Stella's story.

Truly inspiring.


Sophie Littlefield said...

Diane!!!!!!!!!! It is so extremely wonderful to find you again. Or be found by you or whatever. I miss you and in fact you're in my post on critique groups :) PLEASE email me!

what is up with you??? Your dear sister? sally still remembers you guys and asks how you are. When I told tyler you posted, he said "let's go to the animal shelter" - - you've left a mark on them!

Lisa said...

Diane!!!!! How are you??? We still have the poster of Ross' trip to the shelter on the wall in our garage (repository and display space for school projects :) ) That was SIX years ago. And I still have your shelf of books. Hope all is well. Come back and talk to us!