Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laud This Act Of Courage

There's been a discouraging deluge of bad news for independent bookstores lately. In San Francisco we are losing Stacey's on Market Street. When my kids were little, I'd occasionally sneak away while they were in school and take BART to see authors speak there. I'd always secretly hoped I would speak there too some day.

A couple of independent mystery bookstores have changed hands lately. It takes guts and faith to undergo such a venture at a time like this. Sending best wishes to the folks at Murder By The Book in Houston.


Eric said...

I imagine you will be more than welcome to do an event at Murder By the Book in Houston when your's comes out. It is a great place, great people, they get good crowds and are incredibly supportive of authors. McKenna, the new owner, worked there for years and was one of the reasons it was such a great place. It is really exciting that she's now the owner.

Marjorie said...

Hi, Sophie!
There used to be many small booksellers in NYC. Coliseum Books, Scribner book store, Shakespeare books on the UWS all closed. But Rizzoli is still around. If you do a book tour, consider Rizzoli. It's a great place.
Please enjoy my memoir in a blog:
I hope you laugh.

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