Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why I Love My Chapter

I belong to the San Francisco chapter of Romance Writers of America. I've been a member for over ten years.

Here's just one reason I love it:

That's Fabio. Not the real one, a cardboard cutout version with an eerily intent gaze that tracks you around the room. His origins are unknown. My daughter thinks his belly button is too high. I think he needs new trousers. No one in our chapter finds him appealing *that* way. If there are still people out there laboring under the delusion that romance writers dream of this man, please allow me to set that myth to rest. However...

Fabio lives with whichever member of our chapter is on the verge, through dedication and hard work and mastery of her craft, of publication. When that member receives an offer of publication, she passes him along to the next writer on the brink. Yesterday, Fabio left his old home with Jennifer Skully and went to live with Pam Fryer. Fabio's dubious fabulousness aside, this is just one small example of the positive energy in the group. Go Pam!

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