Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Asky No Gety

I just stole this little graphic from a website about books about the civil war, of all things. I was there because I had looked up the guy who designed the cover for A BAD DAY FOR SORRY. It's the best cover on the planet, I'm convinced, and I was looking for more information about the designer, whose name is David Rotstein, and he did one of the civil war books...

But when I saw that darn funny graphic it struck me: I'm not a big "asky" type. I tend to kind of let chips fall where they may. Got to change that some, got to learn to advocate for my book. I've got a great editor and the world's best agent so I'm covered there. We wanted a little bitty change to the cover, long story, but we asked for it and - lo and behold, when I saw the revised version, we got it! Funny how that works.

(It doesn't much work on kids though. You can "asky" all day long for them to move their damn backpacks somewhere that you won't trip over them coming and going, and you'll never "gety" it.)

1 comment:

Janet Reid said...

ok, Barbara is a good agent, but "world's best?"

true, she's got impeccable taste. true, she's as tough as nails fighting for her clients. true, she's funnier than I am.

well, ok.
She's the best.

I'll settle for being in your fan club. And hers.