Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Big News - I Signed With Barbara!

Yes yes - I now have an agent! I've been itching to post this since Barbara Poelle offered to represent me but wanted to wait until it was "official."

Barbara is with the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, a fantastic bunch of smart people. I can't wait for my first opportunity to start a sentence with "I was just talking to my agent in New York and...." It hasn't happened yet - my son's lacrosse carpool isn't suitably impressed, for instance :)

Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

This is about how I felt when I got the news :)


Eric said...

Congratulations! So, maybe I can be the first to ask: "Who's your agent?"

Onward and upward.

Chris said...

For weeks after I got the offer, I drove my wife nuts, because every time the phone rang, I'd say, "I should get that -- it's probably my agent." Turns out that's one joke that never gets old. For me, at least; I think Katrina'd disagree.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Great news!

Laura said...

This is wonderful news, Sophie--just the beginning!

Anonymous said...

I just hope you remember the little guys as you move up on the best sellers lists!


Janet Reid said...

Don't ever tell her I said this, ok? Barbara is one of my very favorite slithery competitors.

Lara said...

Keep up the good work.